Lion and Leopard

A journey into a lost Philadelphia, an artist’s search for a new language of expression, and a tragedy that cuts it short.

“Nathaniel Popkin was born, it seems, with a preternatural talent for turning back the hands of time. Here, in this teeming novel about idealists, romanticists, schemers, and raconteurs, Popkin takes readers through the fields and down the streets of a roiling Philadelphia.” —Beth Kephart

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“Charles Willson Peale”

24 October 2014 | WHYY

Nathaniel Popkin, author of Lion and Leopard, talks about the famous Charles Willson Peale, who is a character in his new historical fiction novel. Charles Willson Peale was a man of ambition and ingenuity who came to be a prominent leader in the arts and natural sciences for the new growing country of the United States of America.

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“About Lion and Leopard”

17 October 2014 | WHYY

John Lewis Krimmel was an innovative urban street scene artist ahead of his time and slightly unwelcomed for his free will to include all kinds of races and classes in his art, while Peale was an eminent artist and founder of museums. In this WHYY-TV video, Popkin gives us a glimpse of this impactful mysterious death of Krimmel and intrigues us by telling us more about the fact that these two prominent artist knew each other. Were they rivals? What happened? Did Peale accidentally affect the death of Krimmel? Or was there something more to this death?

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