Lion and Leopard

A journey into a lost Philadelphia, an artist’s search for a new language of expression, and a tragedy that cuts it short.

“Nathaniel Popkin was born, it seems, with a preternatural talent for turning back the hands of time. Here, in this teeming novel about idealists, romanticists, schemers, and raconteurs, Popkin takes readers through the fields and down the streets of a roiling Philadelphia.” —Beth Kephart

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Review of Our Lady of the Nile

18 September 2014 | Cleaver Magazine

Here, in this slender, deceptively fast-paced novel, Mukasonga, who fled Rwanda before genocide, explores everything leading up to it: ethnic rivalry, resentment, hatred, the quota system that limited Tutsi participation in society and that was payback for centuries of Tutsi control, and the role of the Germans and Belgians and the Catholic church in creating the conditions that led to horror.

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